Saturday, July 21, 2007

Lunch with Smurf

While I was in Oregon, my family had the opportunity to eat lunch with my pediatrician. 25 years ago, Francine gave me Smurf at my Smurfday party. I still sleep with him. I also learned from her that as a baby I would entertain my older sister when we were at the doctors.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Habitat House comes into play

My Uncle Neil is remodeling his home. Upon arriving in Centralia, Washington, I could not wait to help! Because of experiences with the different Habitat Houses, I was more than happy to jump up on his roof frame and nail the plywood down. God is giving me good experiences that I can use to help others--yah!


Upon arriving at PDX (Portland, Oregon), with just my carry-on, I had a 9 hour wait for my mother. When she arrived, we together walked down to baggage claim. Mom brought me a change of clothes and my cell phone! My Uncle Forest (Mom's oldest brother) so happened to be having a plane serviced at flight craft, whose runway is "shared/at" PDX. I was then able to fly from PDX to Aurora, which is minutes away from Uncles Forest's house. The best part of my little flight...I was sitting in the co-pilot seat! Spent the day trying to stay awake--success, and slept quite well that night.

My luggage made it to San Antonio and Dad was able to pick it up. The following day he packed me a bag and then flew out to PDX. Mom and I picked him up at the airport.