Saturday, September 13, 2008

Where do you serve?

On Friday, I was given the opportunity to serve either at the Habitat House, or with the shelter down at the church, for people evacuating Galveston due to Hurricane Ike. I chose to go down and work the Habitat House. A group of four of us, Tammi, Steve, Eric, and myself worked on roof decking together. We also did some blocking. Other people worked on installing windows, and siding.

I enjoyed working at the Habitat House, especially with the group of people I was with. We made a positive and encouraging team, making sure to say things such as "good job", "high-five", and "way to go" as we were working with one another! Everybody likes encouragement along the way! I don't know which would have been the "better" choice, but it looks like I might have another opportunity to work the shelter on Monday, if people are still evacuated.

Funny, but true story. As I was climbing down the ladder, off of the roof, at the end of the day, I hit my knee! I have a pretty bruise now.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


My cousin, Arnie Chycoski passed away at 1:20 PST, September 10, near Olympia Washington. I had the honour of visiting the Fairmont Empress hotel with Arn-man when I was visiting Sher and Arnie a few years back. It's one thing to go to a hotel, it's another to go to a hotel and hear stories about playing in different areas at the Fairmont Empress. I was blessed by his generosity on many different occasions. I specifically remember walking around Victoria, and Arnie dropping money into peoples cases, as we were enjoying the music. I have loved Victoria since my vacation with Arn-man! I love you too, Sher! be blessed!


I went bowling with a good friend on Sunday night. What struck me as incredibly uncanny was the pure fact as my friend and I would encourage and lift up one another, those around us were doing so as well. Our "neighbors" became much more fun to be around, and their comments to one another were wholesome and appropriate, rather than tearing down!