Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm a winner! :)

Race: Military City 5K
Distance: 5K (3.1069 mi)
Goal Time: 26 minutes (8:22 min/mi)
Actual Time: 00:25:56 (8:20 min/mi)
1st finisher in my bracket out of 4
5/21 women racing
20/45 racers total

Mile 0: I'm here early, I should stretch and go for some warm up laps. I have no pace setter and the people I normally run with are not here today. What am I going to do? I talked to another girl in our club, and she said to ask around and find a pace setter. Good idea. I met a new friend, who I actually paced just barely behind for the entire run.

Mile 1: 7:44, Um...I think I started way to fast. This is not normal for me. I usually start WAY to slow.

Mile 2: 16:06, I slowed down a little, this is good, as I was too fast; I'm still happy with the time. And, whoa, this race is almost over. 5K's are so short, they are over before you get started.

Last little bit: Holy cow, I'm just about finished. I just started, though. As I was running up the last portion, I knew I was going to just barely beat my goal time! Wahoo! :) As cool as it was to win a first place trophy, my favourite part, was beating my goal time. Even if it was by a couple seconds!

This is my trophy! :) Yay! It says "Military City 5K" at the bottom.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Lunch with Levi

I live 17 miles from my brother, but between our opposite schedules, I rarely see him. Today was a special day--we went on a brother/sister date! :) It was wonderful to spend the time with him and talk about all sorts of anything and everything, some important, some funny, and some encouraging. I love you, Levi! :)

Levi and I just after enjoying breakfast with each other...we didn't even fight, Mom! You would be impressed!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Am I in heaven or what!?

This past week, I was invited to go jet skiing with a friend, and believe me, I jumped on that opportunity. I had a blast! This girl loves both the mountains and the water. :) All day, all I kept thinking was, "Wow, I am so blessed! What an amazingly, beautiful day, and fabulous company!" I was ear to ear grinning, enjoying the time of my life! Thank you, Jesus, for this wonderful day you gave me!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Valero Texas Open

On Sunday afternoon, I was able to spend time with my Dad at the Valero Texas Open, a PGA Tournament. The tournament was held, right here at TPC (Tournament Players Clubs) San Antonio, AT&T Oaks Course. From hole 4-hole 18, we followed Jimmy Walker, who tied for third. I enjoyed following Jimmy Walker, as he is from Boerne, Texas, just north of us, about a fifteen minute drive. It is faster for me to drive to Boerne, than it is to drive downtown for church on Sunday morning.

This post is simply to say, Thank you, God, for a wonderful day with my Dad, out on the golf course! :) I thoroughly enjoyed watching the players, (there were some incredible shots...Walker hit the ball out of the bunker, directly into the hole once!) spending time with Dad, and running into some fabulous people--like Craig, and the Franks.