Thursday, October 08, 2009

Health Update

On Wednesday afternoon I went to the family doctor. We discussed the next steps. My blood pressure was amazing--118/72, this is unheard of at the doctor!

The first thing Dr. Senger (my family doctor) asked was, "What did the endocrinologist say? I know what my notes say, but I want to know your take." My Mom, my doctor, and I discussed what was said, and then my doctor suggested two different scans. He then went and called a radiologist to confirm which of the two exams would give more conclusive results. The three of us decided that the I-123 MIBG scan should be the next step.

I was positively impressed by a few things Dr. Senger said:
  • "I believe you and I do not think you are making up these symptoms and problems." Reassurance is a plus! (For the most part, usually, I look pretty normal on the outside, but the endocrines are not happy!)
  • "As much as you want this scan (I-123 MIBG scan) to show something, you wish none of this were going on and it was nothing." We are praying for a clear diagnosis.
  • As Dr Senger was leaving the room he said, "the mystery continues!" This made me laugh!

Today, I was able to go down to Christus Santa Rosa and check out the scanning machine and ask questions about the process. The technicians that will be doing my scans next week are fabulous--very friendly and helpful! I was able to ask any questions that I might have, and then they let me practice the scan!

I laid down in the bed and they moved the bed up, the camera around my body, and then moved the camera down inches from my head, like they will be doing on Wednesday and Thursday of next week. I am much more at ease! It's not a big mystery anymore!

The I-123 MIBG Scan is a multi-day event.
  • Monday--Start taking Iodine drops, 3/day, start taking a laxative
  • Tuesday--Continue the Iodine drops 3/day, continue the laxative, go into the appt to receive a tracer (radiopharmaceutical) that will be injected into my vein
  • Wednesday--Continue the Iodine drops and laxative, go into the appt to receive an hour to an hour in a half of scans
  • Thursday--Continue the Iodine drops and laxative, go into the appt to receive thirty minutes of scans
  • Friday--Continue the Iodine drops
  • Saturday--Continue the Iodine drops
  • Sunday--Continue the Iodine drops

Please pray for a clear diagnosis.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Happy Birthday, Levi!

My brother celebrated his 26th birthday yesterday, and I was here to celebrate with the family! I want to share some of the highlights of this special day.
  • My friend Molly prayed over me and with me.
  • My brother wore this super cool shirt I bought for him (about 5 years ago) for absolutely no reason, other than I love him. It says "You're handsome." You can read it in the mirror.
  • My family ate dinner together (Levi's choice, of course!)--Salmon with orange sauce, green beans, wild rice, hot apple cider, and cinnamon rolls and sticky buns for dessert. He opted out on the cake. And to complete the meal, we ate off of the china, used the silver, and the linen napkins! Yay!
  • My brother apparently isn't the only person to receive cards on his birthday, I received a birthday card too. I love my Dad--he's so funny!

  • Levi's not the only person to receive presents on his birthday. I received a birthday present on his birthday too. I've been golfing with Dad recently--and instead of using Men's RH clubs, I now have Ladies LH clubs! :) So, Happy Birthday, Faith, too!

Monday, October 05, 2009


When you're little, it's fun to play Limbo. In fact, I played Limbo with my cousins this summer! :) At 28, it's not so much fun when your life feels in limbo, although there is an exciting element of not knowing what the future holds! What great things will Jesus Christ be doing in and through my life?

"The pain you feel in your heart over the desires God has put in you [them being yet unfulfilled] is your gift from Him, because it causes you to wrestle with Him for the fulfillment of those desires." --Corey Russell

The first thing a Christian should do about anything is pray.

"If we were really convinced that prayer often changes the way God acts, and that God does bring about remarkable changes in the world in response to prayer (as Scripture repeatedly teaches that He does), then we would pray much more than we do. If we pray little, it is probably because we do not really believe that prayer accomplishes much at all." --Wayne Grudem

John 15:16--I have been appointed and chosen to bear fruit
Romans 8:28--I am assured that all things work together for good
Ephesians 2:18--I have direct access to God through the Holy Spirit
Hebrews 4:16--I can find grace and mercy in time of need

What unfulfilled desires has God placed in your heart? How are you wrestling with those unfulfilled desires?

As I wrestle with unfulfilled desires and pains in my heart, I need to go to Him in prayer--convinced and believing that He will bring about remarkable changes. God is Good!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Motivation to Succeed!

This video was shared by Dai Wysong, the headmaster at Kiev Christian Academy. I thought it was incredibly motivating--esp. during this time in my life where I have felt knocked down, once again.

"I am not concerned that you have fallen, I am concerned that you arise." Abraham Lincoln
"When you're going through hell, keep going!" Winston Churchill

Below is an email my mother shared with me.

There is a Chinese story of a farmer who used an old horse to till his fields. One day, the horse escaped into the hills and when the farmer's neighbors sympathized with the old man over his bad luck, the farmer replied, "Bad luck? Good luck? Who knows?"

A week later, the horse returned with a herd of horses from the hills and this time the neighbors congratulated the farmer on his good luck. His reply was, "Good luck? Bad luck? Who knows?"

Then, when the farmer's son was attempting to tame one of the wild horses, he fell off its back and broke his leg. Everyone thought this very bad luck. Not the farmer, whose only reaction was, "Bad luck? Good luck? Who knows?"

Some weeks later, the army marched into the village and conscripted every able-bodied youth they found there. When they saw the farmer's son with his broken leg, they let him off. Now was that good luck or bad luck? Who knows?

Everything that seems on the surface to be an evil may be a good in disguise. And everything that seems good on the surface may really be an evil. So we are wise when we leave it to God to decide what is good fortune and what misfortune, and thank him that all things turn out for good with those who love him.

By Anthony de Mello - Sadhana

Even a mistake may turn out to be the one thing necessary to a worthwhile achievement. - Henry Ford

Why do we feel we need to direct everything, judge everything, make all the decisions, and evaluate every consequence to insure the "proper" outcome? Why can't we realize that we don't have the perspective, the overall view, the wisdom to really know whether a consequence is good or bad? We can't know what God knows. We can't determine what is really best, but God can.

Isn't it time that we understood the truth and let God have control over our life?
When we pray doesn't it make more sense to tell God of our concerns, let Him hear our prayers of praise and our confessions, and then pray as Christ taught us---"Father, not my will but thine."