Monday, May 14, 2007

Busy Weekend, Travel Size, Mondays blessings

About 5PM on Thursday it hit me that I am going to be leaving pretty soon--check out my countdown on the right hand side of this blog. Needless to say, I have been slowly, but surely preparing, until Sunday evening, when I felt a sense of urgency.

I decided to take out my luggage, (happy birthday to me a few years back!) both my "big bag", and the carry on belonging to my parents that I will be taking and using. I packed a bag with 50 lbs. of bibles already in my "small" bag, which I usually use as carry on.

Off to CVS I went to purchase items such as lotion, aloe, shampoo, conditioner, the medium sized stuff toiletries for my checked luggage. Oh and I bought my Mom her $0.99 Mothers Day gift, circus peanuts. At HEB I was able to purchase the rest of the items--detergent, iron pills, ear plugs, etc.

My laptop arrived from HP, very exciting! I am putting it to good use as I type this right now. And they refunded the money that they overcharged--it just took two weeks.

This weekend I had the opportunity to see what God is doing in many different ways. Saturday I was able to go down to the Habitat house that First Presbyterian Church is helping build. I was blessed with the chance to cut floor tiles. I can now say that I have helped with the framing on the roof, cutting tiles, and laying tiles on a habitat house.

Sunday was diaper drive Sunday, so I brought a big ol box of diapers. A parent of a young child at Costco said Huggies were his favourite; I bought Huggies. Sunday also happened to be Bridge Sunday. I brought 18 dozen eggs, pre cracked--good idea, Mom! As soon as I made it into the kitchen I started scrambling those eggs. We made quite a few tacos to give out to people.

Monday always brings its blessings. This morning one of my students brought me an article he tore out of the paper in the Billy Graham section. A person was asking were do you start studying about Christianity? There are multiple denominations, so where does one start? Billy Grahams answer, perfect, you start by studying the Bible, by studying Jesus, because all denominations are centered around Jesus. The rest is just details.

This afternoon, a student of mine ask, "When were you saved?" I was caught a little off guard to say the least and replied, "I was born into it. I made my choice to stay with it." Just moments later, I overheard the same student conversing with another student in the classroom. She had said something about wanting to pinch a cute boys butt. He looked at her and said, "I have a girlfriend, so I quit looking at other girls boobs. If I can do that, I think you should quit thinking about pinching butts." It's interesting the way they think. Clearly, God is working in the lives of these young men and women.

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