Wednesday, August 13, 2008

You did what?

Towards the end of the academia year, I started helping a student with his UIL forms so that he could play basketball as a fifth year senior. At the end of the year he was told that his request was denied. My advise, fight for it! I told him to appeal the decision and he chose to do so after seeking the advise of others as well.

For the past couple months I have been praying for my student, the decision that is to be made, and for his heart and "sole" (he is a basketball player! =) We would text back and forth a little bit, he shared with me that he was scared, and really was looking forward to playing Varsity Basketball once again.

The night before his court date I was able to call him and pray with him. I cannot say he won his case, nor that everything went perfectly, but this young man knows that God is good, and that he is loved, most dearly by T. Yes, he calls me T. =) So to any teacher out there, it's not impossible to pray for a student, and you may have the opportunity to pray with a student someday!

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