Thursday, September 04, 2008

DEX Report

DEX stands for Discipleship Experience. It is a mission trip for University students, to join a team of young adults, venture all over the world for cross-cultural experiences, with the purpose of spreading the gospel, and stretching their understanding of the world. Countless lives have been touched by the love and faithfulness of Christ.

When these students sign up for the trip, they do not know where they are going to be going or what they will be doing. The young adults simply sign up for an eight week (two month) mission trip, trusting all will work out, both financially and in the place chosen for them. Our church supported five people going to India.

During tonight's presentation I was reminded of some great times I had in Indonesia and East Timor. I had forgotten about some of the healings and the miracles God worked in and through the people. I laughed when the young men talked about always eating with their right hand (I know you clean yourself after using the squatty potty using your left hand!) My heart went out for a girl that was so passionately nicknamed "Devil girl." She was prayed over, demon's left, God entered, and she became "Angel girl!"

I was not surprised, rather joyful, when one of the students shared a story about an older man who had kept his distance for days, but right before the group left, he opened up a little, allowing one of the young men to pray for him, and his shoulder was later healed. This was an eye opening experience for both the student and the older man. The student was scared to pray for healing--what if it doesn't work, what could happen to me, is this really God calling me to pray for healing?...the questions go on... This young man chose obedience to Jesus Christ, showing a true faith, rooted in love, to Godhead--God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The older man experienced God's healing power. In the book of Mark, after a healing, people would tell of the great things God has done. I expect nothing less out of this man!

These University aged students are forever changed, not only in their view of world cultures, but in relationships, and God's power and might! Amen! :)

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