Friday, September 26, 2008

Pythagoras and other fun people...

Monday afternoon I had the opportunity to meet with my friends, Derek and Claire, and their daughter Noelia, to discuss their upcoming trip to Bolivia. This was a great time of encouragement and excitement for me. This family will be joining a ministry in Bolivia with Food for the Hungry. Derek and Claire are 99% pledged fund raised for the next three years! I had the pleasure of learning about the different trainings they have gone to and will be going to, as well as the the joy of spending time with people I love most dearly.

Today was another Habitat build day! I spent the morning and afternoon on the roof. I helped measure, draw chalk lines, shingle, and hold down stuff so people could nail. The less vibration the better. And YES, we used Geometry! Pythagorean triples--3, 4, 5 triangles, and 6, 8, 10 triangles were used to make straight lines on the roof! See, isn't math cool? I used it on the roof today. Who would've ever thunk? You never know when those classes come into use.

God continues to show me his faithfullness. I should start substitute teaching next Monday. Yay for a job! :)

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RuthT said...

God is faithful. We need to do it God's way and not push things to be our way. YES! You are doing great and this time without full employment may have been an answer to prayer. Even though we certainly don't understand God's immediate plan, we know the eternal plan.