Friday, January 16, 2009

Fundraising anyone?

Fundraising/asking for money never ceases to be awkward. It is easy to call people and tell them about what you'll be doing and your call to missions, but much more difficult is asking for money, help, support, prayers, etc. The call to action. It should not be hard. I tell my students everyday, what to do, and how to do it, but for some reason, I feel somewhat uncomfortable when it comes to asking others for not only their support, but for their money--their hard earned dollar.

As I have been going through this process, God has blessed me with multiple individuals who have received my prayer letter, and then taken it to their Sunday School class or bible study, thus allowing more people to lift me up in prayer, and learn of what great things God is doing in, through, and around me.

As awkward as fundraising can be, it always proves to be a fabulous opportunity to involve more people in Gods work! I am thankful that you have chosen to join me, as I serve God in a new and exciting way, in partnership, with you.

gods blessings!

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