Saturday, May 09, 2009

Things to do...

Yesterday I was able to go down to the San Antonio Metropolitan Health Clinic Foreign Travel Division, and get my two booster shots that I needed—Tdap and Typhoid. My arm is sore this morning—the nurse was right! Yay for Vitamin I (IB Profen)!

As I have told people about going to Ukraine to teach, I have been extremely encouraged by their testimonies, and words of encouragement. One lady told me that she had heard a missionary speak at the church, shortly after getting married, and she and her husband wanted to give something, but they had little money, so they gave their wedding bands! Low and behold, a woman in Ukraine had been praying for wedding bands—God is so good!

All but two of the books on my list have been donated from different people! Thank you for your generosity! I will have lots of fun reading… :) On a serious note, I am looking forward to reading most of the books.

Leaving for Canada, Brazil, and then Ukraine has become a reality. I feel like I’ve been hit in the head with a 2 x 4! The prep work blows me away! My coach at The Mission Society, Steve Wilson, sent me a missionary checklist and it made me go…whoa! It also made me say, oh good, I’m right on track!

Upcoming things to do…

  • Attend Red Cross First Aid Training
  • Renew teacher certificate through SBEC—expires this year!
  • Renew my TXDL—expires this year on my birthday!
  • Continue to consult with Dai about housing plans
  • Plan commissioning service at home church

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Carolyn said...

Ahhh...I totally remember the random to-do lists! :) Know that when you finally get there, they disappear...until it's time to come back, then they return! :) Good luck with all the preparations!