Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Leaving for Brazil!

I leave San Antonio at 3:43 PM on the 2 July 2009 and arrive in Brazil at 8:25 AM on 3 July 2009. Sounds like sleeping on the plane.

"This will be our third year holding training along with the Brazilians in this spot. It is a lovely location – about a 2-1/2 hour drive into the mountains from Rio, near the city of Teresopolis. Being out of the Atlanta heat for 18 days of the mild Brazilian winter has some appeal! It is a very safe location. We’ll be joined by about 25 Brazilians who will also attend the training. Our purpose for holding this in Brazil is twofold. One is that it gets our missionaries trained cross-culturally in a cross-cultural setting, so they are actually experiencing much of what we are teaching. It also has served as a way for us to help the Methodist Church of Brazil as it creates its own practices for sending Brazilian missionaries into other countries to serve.

We certainly appreciate your prayers – for this round, prayer for safe travel, that all documents are remembered and in order, and that all participants will come with open minds and open hearts, leaving the cares and concerns behind for these two weeks and really able to learn and experience what God has for them there."

As written by: Jim M Ramsay, Director of Field Ministry

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