Tuesday, July 21, 2009

On Her Way Home!

Hi Friends and Family of the Brazil Trainees!

Well, we are all safely at the airport in Rio, checked in, and awaiting our flight to Atlanta. Our days here provided a good chance to unwind a bit. I did what has become a tradition for me by taking the kids out for ice cream. Some folks rested, others did some shopping yesterday, then attended worship in the evening. Today we checked out and toured – but, the weather didn’t cooperate. It was pretty rainy and cloudy all day. We took the cable cars up to the peak called “Sugarloaf”. Most the time we had a view of what the inside of a cloud looks like. But it broke enough toward the end that we got a good view from one side.

We then lunched at a wonderful restaurant called a Shuraskuria (sp?). Be sure to ask about it. Then we were to go up to the famous, huge statue of Christ that overlooks the city – but we realized that the expense and time it would take would reveal only another close look at the inside of a cloud, not to mention getting our clothes wet in time for our flight out. So reluctantly, we canceled that part of the plans. We did a bit more touring around the city – including a stop at the bar where the famous song “The Girl from Ipanema” was written and a stop at a huge, modern Catholic Cathedral. Finally to the airport.

Everyone seems to have had a good time, but all are understandably tired. Lots of information and experiences to process over the coming weeks and months. Thanks for your prayers for these two weeks and for your interest and support of their call.

Grace and Peace,


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