Monday, August 31, 2009

Teacher Orientation and Happy Independence Day

Jessica, Myself, and Jodi at teacher training--notice it's a private training, just the three of us. Monday was eventful. I received curriculum guides, textbooks, and other materials for the upcoming school year.

Fresh squash, onions, and mushrooms.

Pasta, fresh diced tomatoes, fresh diced peppers, and black olives with "salad" spices.

These are the spices I used. I have no clue what was actually in it, but I used the spices, a little salt (actually I used the brine from the olives), olive oil, and some vinegar to create this fabulous salad!

In the evening, Masha, Vala, and I went out on the town, to celebrate Independence Day. I thought it was cool that people were hanging flags out of their balcony!

A Ukrainian artist singing in English—“Sweet, sweet baby, there is none other, you’re my only lover.”

Myself on the war exhibition.

At a concert hall.

Friendship Arch. The People’s Friendship Arch (Ukrainian: Арка Дружби Народів) dedicated to the unification of Russia and Ukraine, was constructed in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. The Friendship Arch was constructed in 1982 by by sculptor A. Skoblikov and Architect I. Ivanov and others. It is 50 metres in Diameter, rainbow-shaped arch, made of titanium. It is called "The Yoke" by Kievans. Underneath the Friendship Arch there are two statues. One which is made of bronze and depicts a Russian and Ukrainian worker holding up The Soviet Order of Friendship of Peoples. The other is made from granite and depicts the participants of the Pereyaslavska Rada. of 1654.

Dnieper River and nice view.

Port a potty line-up. Although, I saw just as many people use the bushes.

Random Birdhouse on the street. The two people you can hardly make out are my roommates, Masha and Vala.

Putting my ticket in at the Metro.

Pretty art at the Metro station.

Looking out our kitchen window in our apt. you will see a bench. There is always someone or a group of people sitting here. Behind the bench is a basket ball court and multiple playgrounds. I love it! :)

Copecs--Ukrainian change!

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