Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Blessings in TN

During my time in TN I was blessed by so many--family on both Mom and Dad's side, and then many other people I came across.

Our time in TN was good. We established a doctor-patient relationship, and I had blood work done. Everything showed up normal, which is not a surprise, as I have been feeling quite well. I continue to pray that this will manifest itself, preferably sooner than later, or that if God chooses to miraculously heal my body, that he gives myself, and others, very clear outward signs.

Agape love was shared over and over during this time:
  • A free massage.
  • A free reflexology appointment, where the refelxologist pin pointed what was wrong in my body--without knowing any medical history. This man also shared his personal testimony with us! God is good. I am now seeing a reflexologist here in SATX. God gave us Eastern and Western forms of medicine; I am trying both.
  • A special bookmark given to me.
  • Many prayers and hugs!
  • Meeting with John from Every Nations Ministries. In some ways this meeting was worth the trip alone--I was prayed with and for, and given some fabulous resources. I will share more in a separate blog posting.
  • Lots of hugs.
  • Wonderful family visits.
  • Prayers and encouragement from so many people!
Thank you to all who made my trip so special and wonderful!

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