Sunday, November 08, 2009

Road Trip!

Last Tuesday, Mom and I took a 15-hour road trip. As some people say, we flew low, on four wheels. I slept a good part of the drive; due to my health, I do not drive. Mom took us straight to Franklin, TN. We left at 5:49 AM, stopped twice for gas, and once for dinner. Arrival time 10:08PM. During our drive we listened to "Crazy Love" and "Screwtape Letters."

Anyone for a picnic? Nashville/Franklin, TN is beautiful!

Vanderbilt University is known for their work in pheochromocytoma. Because the doctors in San Antonio are giving us non-conclusive results, we came to Nashville, TN, to see about a possible pheo. Wednesday, the first appointment, felt like a very LONG interview and then a few things were checked. The doctor ordered blood work, but the lab was not able to run it, on the same day.

I spent time on the 8th floor of the South Tower. This picture is taken in front of a sign for the North Tower--hence there is nothing on the 8th floor.

Thursday morning, back to the 8th floor at Vanderbilt to have two hours of blood work ran. I was given an IV, tubes of blood were drawn and placed on ice, a saline solution was used multiple times to clean out the IV thing, hormones were injected, more blood was drawn, I laid down in a dark room, but could NOT sleep or talk, more blood was drawn, sat around waiting for different time intervals, and more blood was drawn. I am thankful for a wonderful lab tech and that my Mommy was there to hold my hand and talk happy thoughts to me the entire time.

My favourite part about Vanderbilt Medical is the free valet parking. What a smart idea! Now we just need to get UTHSC in the loop!

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