Friday, January 08, 2010

Health Update

As the days go by, my body seems to be healing, but there is still something wrong. Over Christmas holiday, I went to Taos Ski Valley, NM, with my family. On the way home, my blood pressure spiked, quite a bit. Was this from altitude? Elevation? Going to the washroom?

Upon arriving back in San Antonio, I did another 24-hour urine, and blood work, at the endocrinologist. I also went to the family doctor, where I had an EKG and some more blood work done. All tests have turned out normal. I fear waiting for the 24-hour urine, and not doing it during the drive home was a bad choice. As far as the blood work, same thing, it was too late. At the family doctor, he was just checking some numbers that had been previously high...and now they are normal--that is good news.

Due to my spiking blood pressures (which spike both high and low), and a normal EKG, I am going to be seeing a cardiologist.

Please continue to pray for a clear diagnosis. I do not enjoy being a medical mystery. One benefit...I am getting pretty good at doing one of my most hated things--going to the doctor!


mouser said...

You're a fun medical mystery though!! You are not the only young person that has been to a cardiologist...don't worry.

Carolyn said...

Faith Thomson...bummer for a new episode...bummer that the tests came back normal (c'mon, we all know you're not normal) :) (Kidding!) YAY for conquering your fear of doctors! My only two Clinton friends have many pets, so it's causing me to face those fears!! Look at how God stretches us! :)