Friday, February 12, 2010

Half Birthday Ponderings

My half birthday is today--12 February. This is also Kiri and Anya's (my best friends from Elementary school) full birthday. In the past 6 months many changes have occurred; I have listed some in no particular order:

  • I could barely walk 2 meters, now I can run 13,000 meters
  • I moved to Ukraine, and then I moved back to Texas
  • I was extremely sick, and now I am fairly healthy (?--maybe)
  • I lost 30 lbs
  • I was in a dating relationship, and now I am not
  • I went from being confident in my faith, to realizing how little faith I have, and how much I need God to persist and overcome obstacles in my life
  • I was excited for the upcoming year, and now I just want a clear diagnosis and to be healthy and "normal" again...excited, not so much, anymore
How has your life changed in the past six months? What has made you stop, think, and reflect? How is your life different than it was or you thought it would be?

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