Sunday, April 25, 2010

Race for the Least of These and King Williams Parade

Distance: 10K (6.2138 mi)
Goal Time: 58 minutes (9:20 min/mi)
Actual Time: 00:57:42 (09:17 min/mi)
5K Split: 00:27:42 (08:54 min/mi)
19/29 racers total
06/11 women
2nd finisher in my bracket

I had a long run Friday morning--a nice 10 mile jaunt. And then Saturday, was this 10K race. I enjoyed Race for the Least of These, as it was small, and a nice stroll through McAllister Park. We had hail Friday night/Saturday morning, therefore, I was extra tired, and the ground was wet. I'm not a fan of running through mud, but that's okay. In fact, I had washed the car Friday, so I was bummed that it dirtied so fast! Ah well.
  • Mile 1ish: I was surprised how good I felt.
  • Mile 2ish: I wonder how I'll feel at the end of this!?
  • Mile 2 1/2 ish: I saw Coach and he cheered me on, that was fabulous! I felt good, no, make that I felt great!
  • Mile 3ish: Whoa, I'm almost done with the first 5K!
  • 5K Split: I cannot believe I finished the 5K in 27:42. That's better than my last 5K. Maybe that's not so good, I have another 5K to go. I sure am happy with that 5K split time. I'm thirsty. So...just ahead I stopped and drank that water that was available to me.
  • Mile 4: I need to slow down my pace a tad, it ended up being from from 8:54/mi to 9:39/mi...oh well. Over time I will learn how to pace myself properly.
  • Mile 5: I'm almost done. This is nice.
  • Mile 5 1/2: I passed a 5K runner and cheered her on! I was excited that she made the choice to do this fun run and finish! She did not give up. After I cheered her on, she in turn cheered me on. I was pleasantly surprised.
  • Mile 6: Whoa, this is practically over.
  • Finish line: Yay! I finished in under 58 goal time.
Overall the six miles went by relatively fast, and there wasn't too much going through my head. I was kind of surprised when I was finished. The 10k'ers simply ran the 5k loop twice.

After the race, I went home, so that I could meet up with some friends and drive down to King William area, to celebrate one of the 2010 Fiesta events--King William Parade and Fair. I thoroughly enjoyed my time, watching the parade, browsing the vendors arts and crafts, listening to music, and spending time with great people from church!

Sara and myself.

Steven and myself.


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It hailed? Ha, how did I miss that...maybe it didn't happen out here. Good job on the race! Glad you had a nice run and a good day!