Friday, February 11, 2011

Love is...

God has placed incredible people in my life that love me, care for me, and encourage me. It is because of and through Jesus Christ love that I experience joy each and everyday! I invite you to listen to my friend Tash, as she sings and plays the piano to a song she wrote. This is one of my favourite songs that was recorded almost ten years ago. The pictures are of Tash and her son, Enoch.

People show and define love in a variety of ways. There are also different types of love. Today I want to focus on some of the amazing and practical ways people have shared their love with me in the past and continue to share their love for me each and everyday!

Love is a hug
Love is a kiss
Love is holding a door open
Love is an encouraging word
Love is a hand written note
Love is spending time with another, yes quantity, it's not just about quality
Love is a walk
Love is a game of cribbage
Love is a shared meal
Love is getting dressed up
Love is rooting for another
Love is believing in another
Love is visiting a sick friend, and just being there
Love is looking out for your friends
Love is being a good loser
Love is listening without interrupting
Love is a having a special song
Love is walking in and through the rain together
Love is helping someone through their battles
Love is giving a Valentines
Love is a great run
Love is a high five
Love is a smile
Love is joy
Love is sunshine
Love is a ski trip
Love is new dishtowels, complete with hearts!
Love is...

What says love to you? Please, add to my list!


RuthT said...

Love is coming home for a weekend.

L A DeBose said...

Love is you.