Monday, June 25, 2007

Signs of LOVE

I have been teaching the kids “I love you” in sign language by shooting them love signs. The children, as young as two and three are excited to learn this and to tell me, “I love you,” as I also tell them that “I love you.” The young ones will put their hands out so that I can help them put their fingers in the correct order, the older ones, they just flash it back. This is quite fun for the kids, and I must say I rather enjoy it. As the children flash me love signs they yell out, “I love you.” (That is when we are outside.)

The mothers are also catching on and enjoy flashing signs of love. In the mornings when I run, I will see the kids as they go to breakfast, and they will shoot the love sign. This can be quite fun during dinner, as it is a very quiet time. I will flash a kid at my table, or even another table a love sign, and all of a sudden I receive five more love signs right back at me. The best part of this is that the children can do this while remaining quiet, yet be reminded of the love that people have for them.

I have also taught this sign to the Junior Secondary School (JSS) girls. I was running a couple minutes late on this particular day, I had ran to the guest house to grab my vitamin, and when I walked into Study Hall, each and every girl had their hand up, and was flashing me a sign of love. I flashed it right back. I cannot tell you how amazing it felt, to walk into a room, where every girl there wanted you to know that they loved you. What an incredible way to start your afternoon!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a different teaching situation than you were used to - although I'm sure most of the American kids loved you too, they can't show it that way. Dad