Monday, June 25, 2007

Thick Book

These kids are amazing, and they know that they belong to Jesus Christ. I was in the Kindergarten class and we were looking at pictures. There was a picture of a thick book. When Teacher Ruth said, “What is this a picture of?” Jesca answered, “Yes, teacher, that is a bible.” Clearly I was proved wrong, it is not just a thick book, it is the Bible.

Thought for the day comes from Isaiah 53:11. When Jesus Christ sees Himself in you and me, He is satisfied. The idea of God being satisfied paints a beautiful picture in my mind, but even more amazing is that at times Jesus is satisfied with me.

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BJS said...

I finally found your blog - persistance pays. Actually I found it thru a google and your mom's directed me here. You go girl! make a difference one child at a time!
Becky -
Ps Don't forge to bring back a recipe or two for culinary arts ;P