Sunday, October 07, 2007


After being back from Africa for a good couple of months, I'm really starting to process more and more. I am truly amazed at how satisfied I was while overseas. I find myself to be just as content here, as I was over there, but when I was there, I did not have all the "stuff" that I have here. I lived out of two carry on sized suitcases. The one thing I missed while I was gone would be my family, although here in the big S.A. my family is around all the time. My Mom is in Guatemala right now, I'm really excited for her, and what God is going to do in and through her. I hope to be the woman my mother is someday. We serve such an amazing God! I am now a member of First Presbyterian Church, and I am happy to serve on their global missions committee, as my heart is in world missions.


Robert O'Callaghan aka O'C said...

OK now this is strange. My son is @ Jay in the S&A. He is a freshman and his name is Sean. he is in the band. Now I have a spy!!!lol

Things have a way of working out for the good guys (and gals)

Lots of Love


O'C said...

OK that would be the S&E Academy

O'C said...

my email is or at work robert.o'