Saturday, December 22, 2007

Need Food

As I was driving home from an appointment with my esthetician, I noticed a man holding a "Need Food" sign. I was immediately compelled to do something. I thought--I don't have money to give him, nor do I want to give him money. And then it donned on me. I still had my lunch in my lunch box, which I had not ate. (We had a x-mas party at work and I ate other food.) I became quite excited! Opening my lunch bag, I grabbed a Kids clif bar--Z bar, chocolate, my favourite flavour.

Thank God the red light was long, I was able to roll down my window, give the man the clif bar, and converse with him for a short time. He ate the bar immediately and seemed most thankful for the food. His response was different than I expected. As I offered him the clif bar and he accepted, the man said, "Thank you, baby, you're a real sweetheart." Almost like I was a little child. I was glad that I could do something.

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RuthT said...

You are a real sweetheart and more importantly you are a Christian that does what she knows is right!