Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm bored!

During the candidate week at The Mission Society we participated in a ropes course. The events were fun, and I enjoyed the team building exercises, although, at one point, I was sitting around waiting for other people to make some decisions. I found myself completely bored, wanting to move on, better things awaited us, and I could hardly stand it!

I was vocal, I stated that I was bored, but when my part came along, I gladly helped out and added my piece, although, I really just wanted to move on. Two big observations about myself; one, I was vocal, and two, I have this need to be doing something, pretty much all the time.

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RuthT said...

yep, I could have told you that one. Amazing you have to go away to see how you must always be busy. Have you left SP today? :-)