Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Real worship!

While I was in Atlanta, GA, for The Mission Society candidate week, I had some fantastic opportunities to try and experience new ways/things. Among them, my favourite had to be going to a refugee church--Celebration Fellowship.

Our group arrived at church a few minutes late and took some seats in the back of the school auditorium, where the church meets. Immediatly we were welcomed and became active participants of the service. Sitting next to me was a Thai man and his family. As I would sing in English, he would sing his praises in Thai. In front of me were some Bhutanese, and behind me were some Asian people. I was surrounded, right here in America, by a wealth of different nationalities and each of them were praising God in their heart language, and in their own way.

A Bhutanese man, who was sitting a couple rows in front of me started singing, in his native language, in his chair. He continued to sing, making his way up to the stage area, his three year old son following, where he began to lead the worship in song and praise. After this man and his son had left, another black woman, walked up to the stage to lead songs of praise and worship. A father came up to the stage, playing the guitar, his young daughters singing. No one ever questioned if they were good enough, or if they belonged on the stage, people responded to Christ, without fear of rejection, without wondering if they would be accepted! The praise and worship was amazing, heartfelt, they glorified and exalted God, showing their loyalty and admiration to Jesus Christ!

Our sermon was preached in three different languages--thus we received three sermons over one text. I loved worshiping with people in Thai, Bhutanese, Swahili, English, and other various languages!

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lfhcreative said...

Oooo, that food looks so good! I will have to check it out next time I am in SA! Hi Faith!