Monday, June 22, 2009

Cribbage, anyone?

I've had the wonderful opportunity to play crib with my grandparents, on a nightly basis! Hot tea and a crib game, then off to bed. Last night, Marion joined us, so Grandpa and I were on a team, and Grandma and Marion were on a team.

Upon receiving one hand, Grandpa said, "Well, my hand is better than being kicked in the rear with a frozen boot!" I laughed so hard, everyone else laughed!

You may wonder what crib has to do with great things God is doing...God has given me the opportunity to enjoy my extended family!

Happy Father's Day (21 June 2009) to all the Dad's out there!

My grandparents (shown in the picture above) celebrated 62 years of marriage on the 20 June 2009!

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