Friday, June 26, 2009

Living the Gospel

To live incarnationally means to live the Gospel. From John T. Seamands, Tell It Well: Communicating the Gospel Across Cultures."

The effective communicator of the gospel must identify himself with the people to whom he minsters. He must become one of them, so that he might be aware of their ideas, understand their viewpoints, and be genuinely sympathetic with their struggles for self-expression, even though he may not condone its forms. He must identify himself with the people's trials and sufferings, with their longings and needs. He should adapt to the culture of the people, not necessarily in all externals, but certainly in inner mind and spirit. The receptor must be convinced that the messenger understands his-the receptor's -background and has respect for his views even though he may not agree with them.. In striving to identify ourselves with people, our aim is to achieve a feeling of togetherness or oneness. It is more than contact; it is communion.

How do you live the gospel?

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