Wednesday, August 19, 2009

SAT and Flight #1

Flying makes my arms tired.

Dad, Mom, and I went to the San Antonio airport together. Dad dropped Mom and I off at the curb, and then we went into Terminal 1, since I was flying Delta airlines. When asked if I wanted to use the Kiosk to check in, I stated that I could not, because I was flying to Kiev. I was then told to go to a different line. I went to this line and was helped fairly quickly. The man was quite nice to me. He had been sort of "gruff" in my Mom's words towards other people. He looked at all of my information, and then gave me tickets.

We weighed all my baggage, two bags, just under 50 lbs. Barely... And then another bag under 72 lbs. I had done my research and said it should be $200. He told me $540, but said he'll take $200 and I'll fly to Kiev and back again, so Delta will make their money out of me. :) The man, said I was flying Delta, not NWA, that's why it's really $540. I have the receipt to prove it cost me $200. Maybe it's this great smile, that probably wasn't smiling at 5AM, I was pretty nerve wracked.

Before I went through security Mom and Dad took pics with me and then I was off. Security was not a problem. I went right through. I found my gate and sat, waiting, very anxiously! So anxiously I was shaking and crying and people kept asking me if I was okay. It was a tad embarassing. I asked to baord early, and was told yes, you can board with Group 2. I continued to wait, and was told, while still boarding first class, come board right now. That was really nice.

I put my laptop in the overhead and put my backpack at my seat. Seat 13E, window. Perfect. Noticeing that I was shaky and crying, the steward talked to me and came and brought me some kleenex. What wonderful stewards we had. Paying attention to the individual! And absolutlely hilarious! I actually listened to the safety speil.

"Keep your trays up and your chairs in the upright, most uncomfortable position for take off and landing."
"If the oxygen masks come down, use the oxygen, free of charge!"
"If we were flying over water, and you needed to use your personal floatation devise, take it, it's on us!"
"No need to read the safety instructions, they're all pictures!"

I wish I could remember more of what he had said, but those were a few of them.

The plane was a few minutes late and they asked those that did not have immediate connections to do the good thing and wait. So I waited. In fact, I was the last one off the plane. Really, no rush.


RuthT said...

Fun to read the details as you remember them. So relieved that your flight time was good.

Sara said...

Glad you survived!!! How's Ukraine? God bless *^_^*

Chris L. said...

Tired arms? All you have to do is put something under your arm squeeze. Shortly your arm will fall fast asleep. Then relax, it wakes up good as new :)