Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Happy Birthday, Levi!

My brother celebrated his 26th birthday yesterday, and I was here to celebrate with the family! I want to share some of the highlights of this special day.
  • My friend Molly prayed over me and with me.
  • My brother wore this super cool shirt I bought for him (about 5 years ago) for absolutely no reason, other than I love him. It says "You're handsome." You can read it in the mirror.
  • My family ate dinner together (Levi's choice, of course!)--Salmon with orange sauce, green beans, wild rice, hot apple cider, and cinnamon rolls and sticky buns for dessert. He opted out on the cake. And to complete the meal, we ate off of the china, used the silver, and the linen napkins! Yay!
  • My brother apparently isn't the only person to receive cards on his birthday, I received a birthday card too. I love my Dad--he's so funny!

  • Levi's not the only person to receive presents on his birthday. I received a birthday present on his birthday too. I've been golfing with Dad recently--and instead of using Men's RH clubs, I now have Ladies LH clubs! :) So, Happy Birthday, Faith, too!

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