Thursday, October 08, 2009

Health Update

On Wednesday afternoon I went to the family doctor. We discussed the next steps. My blood pressure was amazing--118/72, this is unheard of at the doctor!

The first thing Dr. Senger (my family doctor) asked was, "What did the endocrinologist say? I know what my notes say, but I want to know your take." My Mom, my doctor, and I discussed what was said, and then my doctor suggested two different scans. He then went and called a radiologist to confirm which of the two exams would give more conclusive results. The three of us decided that the I-123 MIBG scan should be the next step.

I was positively impressed by a few things Dr. Senger said:
  • "I believe you and I do not think you are making up these symptoms and problems." Reassurance is a plus! (For the most part, usually, I look pretty normal on the outside, but the endocrines are not happy!)
  • "As much as you want this scan (I-123 MIBG scan) to show something, you wish none of this were going on and it was nothing." We are praying for a clear diagnosis.
  • As Dr Senger was leaving the room he said, "the mystery continues!" This made me laugh!

Today, I was able to go down to Christus Santa Rosa and check out the scanning machine and ask questions about the process. The technicians that will be doing my scans next week are fabulous--very friendly and helpful! I was able to ask any questions that I might have, and then they let me practice the scan!

I laid down in the bed and they moved the bed up, the camera around my body, and then moved the camera down inches from my head, like they will be doing on Wednesday and Thursday of next week. I am much more at ease! It's not a big mystery anymore!

The I-123 MIBG Scan is a multi-day event.
  • Monday--Start taking Iodine drops, 3/day, start taking a laxative
  • Tuesday--Continue the Iodine drops 3/day, continue the laxative, go into the appt to receive a tracer (radiopharmaceutical) that will be injected into my vein
  • Wednesday--Continue the Iodine drops and laxative, go into the appt to receive an hour to an hour in a half of scans
  • Thursday--Continue the Iodine drops and laxative, go into the appt to receive thirty minutes of scans
  • Friday--Continue the Iodine drops
  • Saturday--Continue the Iodine drops
  • Sunday--Continue the Iodine drops

Please pray for a clear diagnosis.

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