Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sermons and more sermons

As Dad and I drove home from Taos Ski Valley, we listened to just under 11.5 hours of sermons. Yes, it took us 11.5 hours to drive from TSV to San Antonio, TX. :)

I thought I would share a couple snip-its that stuck out to me.

  • God doesn't just want to save you; He wants more than the minimum, He wants to make you beautiful!
  • When talking about sin, the following statement was made, do you want to please God or simply test the limits?
  • The Bible is a diary of God's faithfulness to his promises. Over and over God makes a promise, and then He follows through! Yes, He is faithful to Faith Thomson. He is faithful to you too! :) How has God been faithful to you this past year? Please share an example. Encourage and lift up readers of this blog!
  • In response to people that have wronged us, we have to forgive...we must live!

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