Sunday, May 09, 2010

Fort Sam Houston Army 10-Miler

Distance: 10 miles
Goal Time: 01:40:00 (10:00 min/mi)
Actual Time: 01:36:28 (09:38 min/mi)

The drive down to FSH was rather pleasant and uneventful. Upon arriving, the first gate I chose was closed. I called Coach, and asked him where to go. He gave me directions. The second gate I chose, the guard did not want to let me in, because he was unaware that the race going on. I was then forced to turn around, and go back out to find another entrance. As I was entering the city street, Coach called, asking where I was. Crying, I very quickly explained that they were not letting me on, and this is where I was at. So...what does Coach do? He comes and picks me up. I parked at FSH Golf Course, and was given a ride by the race director himself. He brought me in as his athlete. Thank God! :)

Mile 0: Stressed, glad I made it, received my number, #69, and was glad to see Emily and James--two people that I have run with during training runs. I also ran into Kathleen, who was gracious to take my fleece, so that I did not have to run with it. James, Emily, and I started off, James, very quickly ran ahead, and Emily and I ran the rest of the race together.

Mile 1: Just over ten minutes, although James, Emily, and I, started in the back. We did this for fun. Not competition. James sped up and off he went. At our first water stop, I told Emily that I like to stop and drink the water. She does too. :) So we kept on going together.

Mile 4: I was feeling my toe. I've been taping them for runs, and icing them when I can. I hurt my big toe a while back, not sure how or what's wrong, but taping seems to help some.

Mile 6: I was encouraged, as our time was still right on par for my personal goal.

Mile 7: Kathleen and the girl scouts were handing out water--it was great to see Kathleen! I've done some training runs with Kathleen too!

Mile 9: I kept up with Emily, and Emily with me, until the very end. My hamstring were killing me, and she was about 30 seconds faster than me, for the last 1/2 mile.

Mile 10: Finished! And under goal time! :) Yippee!

This race is one of my favourites and I thoroughly enjoyed running with Emily. I skipped a lot of the miles, as I didn't really notice too much, as I was to busy talking to my new friend.


RuthT said...

So glad you feel well to run!

mouser said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome. I have enjoyed hearing about your running progression these last few months :)

jmbbrad said...

What an accomplishment! You set your goal and went for it. Way to go!