Friday, May 07, 2010

Riding the Mission Trail

I've wanted to ride (bicycle) the Mission Trail here in San Antonio, for quite some years. From Mission Concepción to Mission Espada, eight (8) miles of dedicated paved pathways are reserved for the hiker and biker. There are five missions--The Alamo, Mission Concepción, Mission San Jose, Mission San Juan, and Mission Espada.

A friend of mine, was supposed to go with me, but he got sick. Right when I received that message, I looked up and said, "Oh man." My running coach was sitting across from me, and said, "What was that about?" So I said, "I was supposed to ride the mission trail today...I've been wanting to do it for years, but now I'll have to go another time." He then asked me, "How about Thursday?" and of course, I said, "Sure!" :) We worked out a time and I was set.

Coach and I rode the Mission Trail--it was beautiful. He told me all about race history, the Missions, Texas history, and all sorts of interesting information. I was so excited! I came home and told my Mom about the ride! I then told her that she had to go and bring a camera in the next few days. The Texas wildflowers are breathtaking right now! :) And the Texas heat, well, we're in the 90's.

So...Friday afternoon, Mom and I rode the mission trail together. We rode from Mission Concepción to Mission Espada. Below you will find pictures of our special ride. Happy Mother's Day Mom, I had fun spending time with you riding!

Historic Structure

Cool Hay Art

More Hay Art

My beautiful mother, enjoying some water. It was in the 90's!

We kept seeing cranes on our ride.

Mission Espada

I can hardly believe how short the doorways are!

Myself in front of Mission Espada

An upwards view of Mission Espada

We checked out the Espada Dam and Aqueduct

As you can see from these pictures, the flowers were just gorgeous and made for a lovely ride!

Mom and the flowers


RuthT said...

Faith, this was such a GREAT DAY! I was really happy we have good bike shorts too. I was fine the next day. :-)

mouser said...

Awesome Canadian clothing!!

Anonymous said...

The hay art is super fun! Glad you guys had a nice day!!! :)