Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Hype

I personally found all of the Royal Wedding hype quite interesting and almost silly. Women--young and old, gathered around their television sets, many of them up in the wee hours of the morning, to watch this wedding. Women joining together to eat biscuits, scones, and fruit, with their hot tea, not forgetting to use milk and sugar; the meal made complete by using English china.

I personally enjoy things that are simple and elegant. I eat off of china everyday. I enjoy setting my table, and sitting down for a proper meal. In case you were wondering, my pattern is Royal Albert: Old Country Roses.

Watching a short recap of the wedding, was wonderful! The dress was elegant, yet simple; modest and beautiful. The bride wore her long hair down. The kiss was short and sweet. In many ways, this is how I dream of my wedding--simple, elegant, beautiful. I hope to have long hair that I can wear down and natural. I want my dress to be modest, yet delightful. I want my wedding to be known and remembered as one where Christ was celebrated and glorified.

For those of you that are married, how do you remember your wedding? What made your wedding special and unique?
For those of you that are single, how do you want your wedding to be remembered? What special and unique ideas do you want to incorporate into your wedding?

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