Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Faithful in All

Wow, so I haven't posted in 8 months, almost 9 months!  And guess what, there have been lots of changes!  And wonderful ones!  Roger and I have been happily (well most of the time) enjoying wedded bliss!  I conceived in mid-January, and we now have a baby due in early October!  For years I have dreamed of being a wife, and then a Mom, and it is now a reality.  Below are pictures from our first U/S.



 Full Body

Gender Proof

I have been scared that we would not have the things needed for our new baby boy, yes, baby boy, A Roger Craig III (RC3).  Chelsea, one of the leaders of our Sunday School class, graciously took me to go register for baby items--it's been done at Amazon, Target, and Babies R Us.  I did not even know where to begin!  Thanks, Chelsea!

And then...our Sunday School class threw us a baby shower.  Thanks ladies, and thanks Rachel for hosting!  Pictures below.

"R" Sugar cookies, Rachel made as a party favour for A Roger Craig III


 Part of the table set up

 Rachel also painted wooden letters for us spelling ROGER! 

Marley, Ashley, and myself...Kristin is hiding (not really) she was picking up all the wrapping paper! 

 Kendra and Laine

Picture of the fun loot!  RC3 is one blessed boy!  

Fun shower game!  Guessing the size of my belly!  Rachel measuring and Chelsea looking on!   I think it was 37" at the time.  I don't remember! 

I was feeling very down one day, and wondering, how in the world we would be able to provide for our son.  I know God provides, although sometimes it is hard to remember.  I was pleasantly surprised by a package, from one of Rogers good friends, Fred, who sent us receiving blankets, just as I was hitting my point of worry.  It was a perfect reminder that GOD IS FAITHFUL IN ALL!

For our wedding Roger and I were given multiple Amazon gift cards.  We used those gift cards to purchase a jogging stroller, a crib, a kitchen clock radio, and lots of salsa.  Thankfully we were given Amazon and Target gift cards, as that has enabled us to purchase baby items.

Rogers parents ABF class has graciously offered to shower our baby boy later this month.  I am quite excited about this, as some of the ladies have made quilts!  We already received a fun baby quilt from a lady at the church.

And then, Molly, my sister (in law), is hosting a shower in San Antonio, with our good friends, Kit, Sara, and Laura!  We sure are blessed and loved!

Do I believe GOD IS FAITHFUL IN ALL?  You betcha!  Is it hard to remember?  You betcha!

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RuthT said...

I enjoyed the post Faith. Funny you did that as I was looking for those very ultra sound photos today. RC3 is on blessed little guy. You and Roger are already awesome parents!