Sunday, April 22, 2007

Prescriptions and a Visa

Yah! Thanks to Courtney, my prescriptions for Malaria drugs have been called in. One thing down...

My passport is in the process of obtaining a visa, so that I may travel far, far away this summer.

I already have a 48 lb. bag packed full of stuff for the Rafiki Village, ooooh, this is exciting! Just a month in a half away!

I took a trip to Mexico to help with Hands and Feet Ministries in Piedras Niegras, Mexico, yesterday. I helped plaster a brick wall for the Medical Clinic, and played hand games with little girls at the orphanage. It was fun... :)

Last weekend I was able to help with roofing on the habitat house, that was fun too! I stood on the tresses and helped hammer plywood down, and then we stood on the plywood, to hammer more plywood down.

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