Thursday, April 26, 2007

Prescriptions and Prayer

Tuesday night I was able to pick up my prescriptions at the HEB Pharmacy with relatively little trouble--it took an hour, but HEB was helpful and took care of the "problems." This was a blessing.

The Casa de Misercordia (House of Mercy) Orphanage in Piedras, Niegras needs your prayers. A tornado touched down in this area of Mexico, and in Eagle Pass, Texas, killing 10 people in Eagle Pass. The Casa de Miesercordia is alive and well, although the Catholic orphanage nearby was ruined, therefore, those children are now at Casa de Misercordia, which now has 25 new children due to the upheaval nearby. Pray that the needed food is brought into the orphanage, as there are 25 extra mouths to feed. Pray for the children as they embrace one another.

When God puts something on your heart, pray and go do it! --Peter Radchuk

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