Monday, May 28, 2007


Church was good yesterday. We had our commissioning at the contemporary worship service, which was way special. As a team, we were called to the front, the congregation came forward and laid hands on us, and we prayed.

Shannon preached on Martyrdom--a tough thing to tackle. Needless to say, I am still thinking. It was fascinating that Shannon preached on Christian Martyrdom, as my Uncle Jim had just 24 hours prior, sent out an email on the very same subject matter.

I had a couple of the girls over for lunch on Saturday--another good idea, we distributed poundage and weight into 50 lb. bags for each of us, and we also spent the time in fellowship, discussing things to bring, things not to bring, how to pack certain items. Yah for well needed conversations. :)

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RuthT said...

Every day we are amazed at all God does for us -- why are we amazed? We ask and we receive...God Is Good All The Time and All The Time God Is Good!