Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Solar Panels

FPC helped purchase solar panels for the Rafiki Village in Uganda. Not only do you see pictures of the solar panels, you also see pictures of Uganda, Africa, where I will be staying. These are pictures from the temporary solar water heating system that has been under trial for cottages 1,2, & 3. In a permanent installation, Rafiki plans to install the water tank in the attic of the middle cottage, so that all that is exposed would be the solar panels mounting on the roof of the cottage. The key to the success of these systems is the dark copper strips that absorb the heat in the panels. The material for these systems is imported, with the assembly done in Uganda. Warranty is 5 years on the system. Rafiki appreciates the investment in their facility and is enjoying being able to stretch the given amount to cover 9 cottages. Upon completion the solar panels will enable the cottages, dining facilities, and laundry facilities to have hot water, at a very cheap price.


Robert O'Callaghan said...

God's speed to you "Faviort Math Teacher" from your Fav. Cop. May the good Lord protect you on this Mission.

Get much sleep?


Faith said...

Thanks, O.C., favourite cop! I didn't sleep well on the planes, but I am doing quite alright here! I am living it up--Kampala style!