Monday, May 21, 2007

Good news! Bad news...

I have a job interview at Clark High School at 4:10PM. This is good news, as I did not sign the contract at my current high school, and I am leaving very shortly for Africa. Not signing a contract, knowing that you will be out of the country for the entire summer is quite gutsy, although God has given me a sense of peace.

Please pray that my interview goes well tomorrow afternoon--I have been wanting a job at Clark HS for about three years now. I am both excited and nervous!

I bought a travel alarm clock for my trip today. It is razor thin. While I was at the store, the cashier asked me if I was going on a trip. I replied, "Yes, I am going to Uganda with FPC for 5 1/2 weeks!" He was quite happy to hear about what I was doing and replied, "My brother is going (somewhere) for a couple weeks this summer with Oak Hills." I had also mentioned that I was a high school math teacher, and his response was, I have a hard time with math. So...I gave him my email address and said, "contact me in the fall when you are taking your math class and I am more than happy to help you."

Dan Williamson (from UUMC), an amazing man of God--both a servant and an encourager, was killed in an automobile accident, while moving his daughters (Kelli) things, from Perkins School of Theology to Austin, where she will be finishing a masters in divinity, by completing her internship requirement. Kelli will move up Saturday, even after the long and laborious week she has had. Please pray for Kelli (Dan's first daughter), Tammi (Dan's second daughter), and Sharon (Dan's wife).

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