Wednesday, June 06, 2007

London Heathrow and Travelling

My first flight from San Antonio to Chicago O’hare did not go very well. This is okay, because we know that God is good. The following flight, also on United Airlines took us from Chicago O’Hare to London Heathrow. This flight went okay. I was extra blessed with two seats to myself. =) I was able to sleep the majority of the flight—at the end of the flight, I guess I was a lot less stressed, because I about passed out during the landing. That was scary.

Our team was able to take the Heathrow Express into London for the price of the cheap metro ticket, due to construction. The cheap ticket is also a slower train. Yah! Our lucky day! Due to a 12 hour layover at LHR this gave us about 4 hours to run around and explore some touristy spots in London. Lexi’s (our group leader) friend met us at one of the train stations and from there; she took us on a walk of part of central London. We were able to see Buckingham Palace, the Canadian Embassy, The Westminster Abby, The National Museum of Art (we were able to view a Rembrandt, and a Monet, among some of the more famous artists!), and Big Ben, just to mention a few of the sights.

By the time we arrived back at the LHR airport, we were exhausted from a full day of sightseeing. Many of us were looking forward to sleeping on our next leg on Kenya Airways, from LHR to Nairobi, Kenya. Once again, I was blessed with an empty seat next to me! This enabled me to lie down across the seats, and sleep for the majority of the flight.

The last leg of the flight was nice and short—about 50 minutes from Nairobi, Kenya to Entebbe, Uganda and there I sat next to a local Ugandan and spoke to him about his work, his plans, etc. All team members luggage arrived at the Entebbe airport. One bag of supplies did not make it with the Food for the Hungry (FH) team. We are hoping that the bag shows up sooner than later.

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