Saturday, June 09, 2007

Bomba and his <3

This entry was written a few days prior, although I was not able to post until today.

This morning I decided that I was going to pray with Bomba every opportunity I had. For the past two days, Bomba has been “bad” in class and has not had a heart drawn on his arm at the end of the Kindergarten class. When Bomba came in from morning assembly and was holding the door open, just after the last person left, I held Bomba’s hands and whispered in his ears, “God help Bomba receive his heart today.” Bomba smiled and went on with the rest of the class after shutting the door. Bomba’s job this week was to shut the door after everyone had left.

In Kindergarten they take many breaks, one break every hour, at a minimum. Bomba and I prayed after every toilet break. At the end of the day, Bomba received his heart! This consequence made him very happy! =) Bomba’s behavior was excellent. His teacher later asked me what I was whispering in Bomba’s ear, I told her, “I was praying with Bomba, praying that he would receive his heart today.” The teacher then relayed to Bomba, “God listens, and God answered Auntie Faith’s prayer. When she prayed that you would behave and God would help you be obedient, you were. Bomba, God will listen to you too.”

This made Bomba extremely happy. In fact, he waited to receive his lunch, so that he could stand in line with me. When he received his plate of food, he took the food to the table and searched for a table that had two empty seats, one for me, and one for him. This took Bomba a while, but he managed to do so. He then protected that very seat with his life. I was the guest of honour at Bomba’s table. =) We ate pumpkin, something kind of like a tortilla, and overcooked peas—when you’re hungry, it doesn’t really matter what you eat.

After lunch I was able to help some of the secondary school girls with study hall and tutoring. One of the girls named Winnie wrote me a nice letter. I have made a picture of it so that you can read the letter.

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RuthT said...

Keep loving those kids. What a thrill to get to read your blog before our trip to Dallas and back today! Mom