Wednesday, June 06, 2007


This morning I woke up and took a nice 5k run. I had not a problem waking up and getting out of bed—yah…no more jet lag! When I put on my socks, I noticed I have my first sandal tan of the season…heheh! My feet have nice little criss-crosses on them. After coming back from running I took a nice cold shower and Abigail cooked us bacon and eggs for breakfast. Yah for breakfast being made for you!

Morning assembly took place in the classrooms, due to rain. These kids love singing hymns. The hymn of the week is, “God will take care of you.” We sang the Ugandan National Anthem, and then the hymn of the week. Jesca led the Morning Prayer in the classroom—we prayed that God would help us be obedient to the teacher and that we would receive hearts. The students have a heart drawn on their forearm when they are good during the school day.

I am able to jump in and help at any moment, which is fun. Today I especially enjoyed helping the students understand the bible story, as we acted out the parable. The children are very cute. I am surprised that all of the boys and girls have shaved heads; this makes it somewhat difficult to tell the difference between males and females. I am very slowly learning the names of the Kindergarten class. Skovia and Phiona are in Momma Alice’s family, I have learned their names. Bomba is “bad,” therefore I learned his name. Alice is absolutely adorable; I have learned her name. The rest, I still need to work on.

During my lunch I spent time with the math teacher, learning how she wanted me to help these students, this was an answered prayer. Yesterday I felt very unsure as to what was wanted—approach, when, where, etc.

Study hall is a quiet time for the girls at the JSS. Individuals asked me for help on select problems and otherwise it was quiet. Coaching the girls one on one was fun. The girls are appreciative and easy to work with. Today I helped Deborah and Joan. Tomorrow will be Essy and Justine Patra.

My days here are much less busy than they were at home, in fact, they are kind of relaxing, but I am blessed by these students day in and day out, as I was by the students in San Antonio.


Courtney said...


Isn't it amazing how God prepares us for just what he wants us to do.
Praying for you,


SA said...

It was good to get such an extensive report and good to hear its not as busy in SA. Dad

Faith said...

Thanks guys! It's neat the ways God prepares us. Keep on checking the blog...I hope to post twice/wk.