Monday, July 02, 2007

Painting and Scrubbing

For the past week I have had the opportunity to take a wire brush and scrub the floors in the dining hall and to paint fascia board around the homes, here in the Rafiki Village. I like to do this, as I enjoy working with my hands, and when I am busy, I am not left bored with little to do. The floor was sealed with some kind of sealant, quite a few years back, which it should not have been sealed with. This special sealant attracts dirt, so as we are taking the sealant off, the tiles are becoming much cleaner, thus the room so much brighter. What an amazing concept!

I enjoy painting, it allows me to listen to my IPOD, and spend some time in thought and prayer. The children are surprised to see a female paint, as painting is a man’s job. I find it interesting that my painting opens the possibilities and the minds of these young children that feel certain jobs are “man” jobs and other jobs are “woman” jobs. I am not feminist by any means, but do not see a problem with me as a female painting—I am here to help in any way possible, albeit painting, scrubbing the floor, or playing with the kids. Did you hear that Mom? It’s a man’s job, guess my mother’s in real trouble, she has been remodeling my bedroom, including painting it. =)


Anonymous said...

So - you know what a fascia is

RuthT said...

You already knew your Mom is your Grandpa's daughter...good thing he taught me to do everything. Your room is looking good! Can't wait until you get to see it. Hope you like the color. BTW, my Bible study ladies are praying for you to have a safe flight home -- two days of travel. Wow. Love you, Mom

RuthT said...

You are not kidding about the scrubbing makes a real difference! Wow!