Monday, July 02, 2007

Dancing in School!

On my last day at the JSS (Junior Secondary School), during study hall, the girls and I read, sang out of the hymnal, and they attempted to teach me to dance their native Ugandan dance—for those of you who do not know, FCD—Faith Can’t Dance, and that is no joke! I will only have dancing at my wedding if my husband to be desires this act as part of his wedding. I will have live music, that’s for sure! No…there is no young man prominently placed in my life right now.

I really enjoyed singing with the girls, as they sang some of my favorite hymns—Oh Sacred Head Now Wounded, There is a Fountain, Be Thou Oh My Vision, All Creatures of Our God and King, and many more. Oh and I am borrowing a keyboard from the library, which is great fun for me here. I can push my headphones in and be in my own world for a while.

Back to the dancing, they tied a sweater around my back, so that it looked like I had a bigger bottom. They were then trying to teach me how to swing my hips. Clearly, I do not do it right. They just laughed and laughed and laughed at me. One girl would show me, and then the next, continuing to laugh the entire time. I felt kind of odd, constantly being laughed at, but I know how bad I am and oh well. The girls decided that when I go home, I must show my Mom my new Ugandan dancing skills. Really mom, my skills are awful! =)

It was my last day seeing those girls and one of them wrote me a nice little letter/note. I will post the letter when I have my memory card for the camera with me. I enjoyed my last day with the older girls and I will miss them, they were quite joyful and a whole lot of fun!


Anonymous said...

We wait in great anticipation to see your new skill - Dad

RuthT said...

Yes, you must show me and teach me this bad dancing that you do...I bet it is much better than I ever did. Dancing is good exercise!

RuthT said...

What encouraging letters!