Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Independence Day

As my time here is winding down, I continue to keep busy. Today was a very rainy 4th of July! My understanding is that this is odd. Oh and get this, I was cold! Put that in the books! Oh and another thing to put in the books, I was so cold that I drank a cup of coffee!

I am spending my mornings tutoring with five kindergarten girls in penmanship. Their behavior is somewhat like high-schoolers, let’s see where our limits are. LOL! I have enjoyed working with them, they are quite good—I have not had the problems the other people here have had. My girls come in and do as asked, usually on the first request. I work with them for 30 minutes on penmanship, and then read to them for 30 minutes.

This afternoon I scrubbed bad sealant off of the floor in the dining hall. I had plenty of time to think and pray during that hour in a half.


RuthT said...

It is really rainy here too. I think the fireworks will be drowned.

RuthT said...

Coffee? You must be cold, what are you going to do when we are in Canada? You know where all your family lives in igloos? Happy Independence Day!

Faith said...

Pyromaniacs! =)