Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Church Service in Teresopolis, Rio de Janiero, Brazil

In the USA, or at least in the churches I have been a member at in Texas, the church buildings are huge! Sanctuaries seating at least 1,000. Beautiful and ornate structures--the pews, the altars, the ceiling and walls, stained glass windows, etc. In Teresopolis I had a very different experience. I felt like I had walked into a warehouse, sat down on a plastic chair that could easily break underneath me, sheets draped over a concrete ceiling, super loud praise and worship music--drums, electric guitar, voice, saxaphone, keyboard, trumpet, and who knows what else. The music was fabulous, although, I must say, I like my music so that I can hear it. I should've brought my ear plugs.

The entire church service was in Portuguese (it was in Brazil). Methodist church services in the USA tend to last 1 hour. I think this was at least 2 or 3. I really do not remember. I just remember being really hungry. I read my bible alot too. I must say, the passion in these congregants puts the Frozen Chosen :) (Presbyterians) to shame! The sermon itself was a good hour. Don't ask me what was preached on. I do not speak Portuguese.

After church we were honoured with some special sandwiches and popcorn. Yummy! We also receeived some Lye soap as a gift. Dinner at 10PM! I like 5PM dinners better. Obviously, Faith did not get, what Faith wanted.

On a serious note, the night was incredble and I felt very honoured by the body of Christ!

Side note semi funny story--I had to go to the washroom during church, so I ran out to go, but after I went, I could not figure out how to flush. I had to go get some help. Cassio pointed at the high pull chain coming from the tank. I kept pushing the "button" behind me. Ha!

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