Thursday, August 13, 2009

Snipits from training...

This is a bunch of random snipits from training that I loved!
  • Just because you are a missionary does not mean you need to "tough it out." "If you're sick, you're sick! Tell us, we have doctors."
  • My goal should be to make Kiev, Ukraine, home, in order to live bi-culturally.
  • It is my responsibility to understand the Ukrainians and to minister in ways that make since to them.
  • God calls families, He does NOT break up families.
  • Being incarnational does not equal being stupid! We should go as far as we can to identify with people without violating our conscience and our sanity.
  • The gospel is always offensive, we want to offend for the right reasons.
  • The most important person in the church is the one NOT in the church
Random great moment: As I was leaving the airport in Atlanta, for Rio, the man checking my ticket, looked at my passport, looked up at me, and said, "With a smile like that, I would never stop smiling." I said thank you and boarded the plane.

Side of the dormitory at INFORM (kind of like Mt. Wesley or Mo Ranch)

Sign upon entering INFORM.

The lovely girls that sat behind me during training.

Myself, Yuri, and Ruben

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