Tuesday, September 15, 2009

MRI done and over

I was able to go into the radiology center and have the MRI done at 8:15AM, as opposed to 3PM, which meant I could eat and drink by 10:00AM! This was a huge blessing! I had been nauseous most of the night, and wide awake, therefore, when I woke up, I did not eat or drink.

The process itself was okay. I found out that I am not claustrophobic. The technologist let me go in feet first, which was nice. He said it would take more time, but it could be arranged. I layed down on a bed, and as my brother said, I would be entering the donut.

The technician put a pillow under my knees and head. The nurse came in and put an IV in. I had a big thing placed over my stomach and it was clasped down, not tightly though, and then they put a blanket on me so I wouldn't be cold. The IV arm stayed down, the non IV arm went above my head and I got to hold my Mom's hand.

The machine made noise, and was scary, but the only hard part was holding my breath over and over! Every time I held my breath, I closed my eyes and started counting, pretending I was finishing running a race. I did this, what felt like 200 times. The ear plugs helped, I guess. I had to lay very still. The last four minutes, they put this warm dye in my system and did more images, same thing, hold your breath, then after counting for 45-60 seconds I could breathe again.

At the end the bed moved all the way out, and then the lab technician took out the IV. I put on my shoes and walked outside. Lots of tears of relief, thank God that part was over!

I just got a phone call from one of the labs, the bloodwork was lost and has to be redrawn. Oh joy! One time the lab lost my urine sample too! You really would think I liked doctors! Too bad I am terrified of medical stuff!

Thanks for all the love and prayers!

This is what my MRI machine looked like--made by Siemens.

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