Sunday, April 04, 2010

Христос Воскрес!

Христос Воскрес!
Christ is Risen!
Serendipity! (Surprised by Joy!)

What Jesus teaches is good news to irreligious people and not at all what institutionally religious people want to hear or accept. He surprises everyone. No one can really figure him out. And yet people flock to Him by the thousands, everywhere He goes. Jesus literally redefines righteousness and religion, which is quite threatening to those in positions of power and authority in a particular system.

Nothing was expected at Easter, other than for Christ to die. God works outside of the box of propriety. As we know, Christ arose from the grave, and He is alive! Everyday is Easter. Happy Easter!

Amy and I. Not a picture from Easter, rather about a week prior, but I thought I would show how warm and beautiful it is here. 27C and upwards! :) This is the same awesome Amy who helped me with the mailing!

Check out all my cool loot! :) Veggie Tales marshmallows and Veggie Tales Jelly Beans. Some people are allergic to chocolate so the bunny wouldn't be too good!

Just a picture of me outside on Easter day, holding my loot and enjoying the sunshine.

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mouser said...

You must have hidden the loot from us yesterday.